In just 3 modules, you’ll master the same model that took me from $180K to well over $1M in sales. plus, I'll divulge 10+ (!!) actionable tools that helped get me there.

learn what they don't teach you in design school: 

How to run a streamlined Interior Design Business, completely YOUR way

Curious what this could look like?

I've been building my business for the last ten years, and if given the chance, I’d jump at a leg up during those beginning stages. I’ve made it my life’s purpose to share the best-kept industry secrets with those who simply want more. 

Picture that process-driven, successful business that you always saw for yourself, all the while doing what you truly love. And the best part? You get to skip the trial and error it usually takes to get there.  How, you ask? I've done it so you don't have to! 

After all is said and done, you’ll have more energy, excitement and a new sense of abundance around your career that’s been historically a little MIA....

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and finally make your business work for you. 

Build a thriving business that YOU control!

Better manage your schedule and save time.

Close more leads and make more money.

Gain the confidence to attract dream clients!

Imagine if you could...

Take your Interior Design Business to the next level with hands-on support from an experienced, 7-figure design business owner and mentor who’s in your corner, every step of the way

Access ready-to-use business tools including essential checklists, budget builders, client intake questionnaires, presentation examples and more to hit the ground running 

Consider this your exclusive opportunity to:


Hillary Rutherford Interiors

Hillary Beney

"Beyond grateful for the valuable information through Katie’s Interior Business Crash Course to set up my very own design business! She was able to simplify the dreaded task of creating processes which allowed me to get that business ball rolling. Highly recommend this content to anyone looking for guidance towards their business goals whether new or seasoned!” 

Allowed me to get that business ball rolling!

My studies through Katie have been beyond helpful!

Ettie & Co.

Eteannette Seymour

"My studies through Katie have been beyond helpful! You can only listen to so many podcasts, read so many books, before you need professional advice for your specific needs. Through this course, I was able to receive specific, actionable advice to improve my next steps. As a newbie in this industry, I want to save effort and time by working as wisely as possible. Working with someone like Katie does just that. I can't recommend her course enough."

Interiors Business Crash Course

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This 3-module crash course will equip you with the toolkit to run your interior design business with new confidence and precision. Get ready to master the core fundamentals for a profitable and rewarding business model that will give you real traction. 

PLUS all the business tools (10+) behind a successful design business

A catchall connection blueprint for seamless communication and client wins

A proven process with a step by step guide to selling success

A pro foundation to better match with ideal clients  

And finally, financial freedom for years to come

Learn What's in the Program

POSITION YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS - Learn how to attract your ideal clients. Let’s identify what makes you different (your value proposition) and who needs it most.


Module One


SELL WITH 3 SIMPLE STEPS - Learn how to activate my proven sales process. Succeed with your ideal clients from the first connection, to the in-person consult and design debut. Plus, you'll leave a lasting impression.


Module Two


LEARN TO COMMUNICATE FOR KEEPS - Master client care and build loyalty beyond the project. Understand how to avoid common pitfalls and all the essential tips that keep clients feeling taken care of.


Module Three


Reserved just for you! Don't miss out!


Are you ready to… Plunge both feet into your Design Business? Create a day-to-day that you love? Have clients that rave about you and your swoon-worthy design projects? Plus, plenty of money in the bank? If you’re looking to build a life of freedom with your Interior Design Business, you’ve found the right place! Still have questions about this offer? Let’s schedule a 15-minute consult call to chat more.

Hi friends, I'm Katie Rioux —
Interior Designer turned Educator.

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