The Business Model Planner takes the guesswork out of financial forecasting - so say hello to newfound freedom! This industry-specific offer is only available for a limited time so jump on it NOW and ditch later regrets! 

The Business Model Planner


Experience heartburn when planning out your annual sales goals

Would like to know what scaling can look like in your industry

Are unsure of what to spend on things like marketing

Struggle with business operations budgeting

This BUSINESS MODEL PLANNER is right for you if you...

Income Generator // Forecast your income potential based on the interiors business model that suits your goals and strengths 

Now’s the time to grab a handle on your blind-spots with this step-by-step planner to empower effective and personalized business modeling and forecasting - specifically for interior designers! You’ll acquire these custom planning tools with your purchase:

What's Included

Take a look at

"Where you thrive" Review // Benchmark your confidence across all aspects of business to inform how to allocate your budget holistically

Business Operating Expenses Forecast // Identify a detailed operating expenses budget based on your income goals that is customized to your needs

Business Plan Forecast // Understand forecasted annual sales and breakeven as well as the number of clients needed to sustain projections based on the profit margin that’s within your reach

5-Year Comparison // Plus! I’ll share my yearly sales comparison so you can see the growth that’s possible when you put your business to WORK! Then, use this tool for your personalized year over year sales tracking!

Get acquainted with your very own industry-tested tool to drive your interiors business into high-gear.

That’s right, buy this planner once and you’ll use it for years to come! Since when does a one-time fee grant you unstoppable financial freedom?

Right NOW people!


The way that Katie has laid everything out really simplifies all of those numbers I don’t like thinking about!


If you're serious about making goals and executing, this is going to give you the realistic path to get there.


Extremely helpful tool for assessing where my current business is at and where I want it to go.

Words from past planners

Profitable and fulfilling business starts now.

“My greatest joy has been empowering careers and helping others to create a business that they love. I know I’m here to show you that you too can create a design business that impacts lives, enables you to achieve goals and most importantly build a life that offers balance and flexibility.” 


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