About Katie

I'm offering you trusted, experienced guidance to gain the life balance you’ve dreamed of and the profitability and results that feel intrinsic. Design your business, live your potential—it starts here! 

I’m Katie Rioux, Interior Designer turned Mentor and I’m ready to stand in YOUR corner. 

It’s hard to believe my first interior design consultation took place ten years ago! Today and over 400 transformed homes later I’ve been recognized with 20 International Design Awards and built a thriving team that pushes me to raise the bar year over year. This time has taught me that people want to live a beautiful and fulfilling life—and that I can help make that happen through the spaces they inhabit. 

As I’ve grown my seven-figure business—DWK Interiors, I’ve learned what ignites me has evolved! Now my drive is cultivated through design, motivation and mentorship. My hard-earned stripes in business have made me a firm believer in the power of people and freedom. So, I’ve decided to dedicate my life's work to sharing my insights, time and resources to aspiring designers and eager entrepreneurs within the field. I know I’m my best self when I’m entrenched in my community, championing leaders facing barriers and limitations. The truth is—once I’m in your corner, I’ll never leave. 

So here’s your jump off point. Join me in a series of interactive, go-at-your-own-pace resources to help you build, scale and achieve your wildest business dreams. Sound intriguing?

Im here for it Katie!

09. Why did you start mentoring?

An inspired push to give back and champion women leaders. 

a. Fine-tuning my master chef skills
b. A good workout sweat
c. Weekend away with my hubby
d. Vision boards, puzzles or scrapbooking

08. What is your favorite extracurricular?

a. Hawaii
b. London
c. Paris
d. Vietnam

07. If you could travel anywhere in the world, tomorrow? 

Celery juicing - this is seriously my life force!

06. What is one thing you can't live without?

a. Buttery popcorn and a drama flick
b. Cocktails and heartful chats
c. Shavasana for the entire class
d. Spaaaa day!

05. self-care go-to

Hydrate, sweat, meditate, repeat!

04. What is your swear-by morning routine?

a. Homesense
b. Crate & Barrel
c. West Elm
d. Montauk Sofa

03. what is one design store you are most likely to shop for life?


02. What's your superpower of choice?

a. The Queens Gambit
b. Schitt's Creek
c. Get Organized with the Home Edit
d. All of the above

01. what is currently on Your must watch list

I’m known for big curly hair, big dreams, and relentlessly encouraging everyone around me to pursue their passion and take that leap to freedom… 

Get to know the real me...

The guidance I provide is hands-on and customized to your needs. Whether you’re uncertain about your own service offerings, lacking assurance in your price structure and closure rates, or simply in need of a lightbulb moment when reading your clients (and their budgets!)—I offer intuitive and experienced direction that will help you establish real trust with your clients. 

The aim is that perfect equation of life balance, profitability and results. Making business feel intrinsic in a way you’ve never felt before.

Ready to collaborate?