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5 Signs an Interior Design Business is Right For You

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If you’re here because you’re considering a career revamp…you’re in the right place! And congratulations!

I often connect with individuals who are keen, but not quite convinced that interior design is the career for them. This industry can be exceptionally tricky, because a creative eye is important, but it’s not everything. In truth, it’s really just one piece of the pie. 

While I can’t make your decision for you, I can help you get closer to it! 

Before you leap, check out my breakdown of the must-have traits for building a successful interior design business, based on my 10+ years of personal experience building my business, DWK Interiors, to over 7 figures. 

1. You’re decisive

Better yet, you’re stone-cold confident. In interior design, a secure vision with well-backed recommendations helps clients take the guesswork out of making selections. After all, they get to be a little hesitant! If you meet their needs with tailored options, you’ll get to pass the decisive torch and (likely) keep them on target too.

2. You know people

And naturally, what makes them tick. You understand that expert support is a luxury, and with it comes the expectation for exceptional service. If building client relationships is a main motivator and you’re willing to go above-and-beyond to make an impact, you’ve already won. 

3. You’re not afraid to connect

In any format – hello email, texts and DMs at all hours. Get ready to feel in-demand! The kicker? This digital era means messages will leave room for misinterpretation, and you’re more than willing to pick up the phone. This industry is a place to flex your already skillful communication with the awareness that mistakes will happen. 

4. You’re detail-oriented

A home is created through thousands of decisions that synchronously work together – meaning the small stuff is BIG. Killer organization and the ability to multitask are key to meeting deadlines and maintaining sanity (on all sides). If making lists and checking them twice makes you giddy, you may have met your match.

5. You can sell

Whether it’s a sofa, wallpaper or design concept – and you can speak to the ‘why’. Trusting your vision and ditching creative perfectionism is essential, and it’s your ability to share this vision with real passion that will fuel the fire and open doors! 

So, are you nodding along? Consider this the sign you’ve been looking for. And if you’re not, don’t take it as a sign to abandon ship. Instead, it’s an opportunity to focus on where you can grow. With free resources, 1-1 mentorship, courses and more, I’m here to help you find your way! Get a taste of what I have to share, or connect direct.

And remember: 

When taking the leap into interior design (or anything in life, for that matter), only YOU can make the call!

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