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10 Ways to Sell Your Services With More Confidence

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What’s even more important than stunning design? The confidence to sell your capabilities and seal the deal! There’s no magic cure-all for confidence; if I could bottle it up for you, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The journey to confidence in your interior design career will be ever-present, and not always linear. 

Here are 10 actionable tips to cultivate confidence for your next client opportunity:

Get Clear On How You Operate 

Speaking to your process and fee structure confidently takes knowing them deeply. For the creative mind, it can all feel daunting. As a passionate Interior Design Mentor, I created my Income Generator Freebie and Business Model Planner to help you dip your toes into the financial and operational side of your business. 

To take your operational foundation even further and dial in on your process, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming course launch (happening oh-so soon). Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow along on IG so you’re the first to know. Guesswork, begone!

Know Your Value & Believe Your Worth

What makes you different? When you know the answer and believe it wholeheartedly, confidence is a byproduct. As another angle to consider: What is your client’s pain point, and how does your service uniquely solve it? Challenge yourself to think beyond interior design, and remember, it can be a “soft” skill! At DWK Interiors, we diffuse industry intimidation (a pain point) and bring the fun (a solution)—and we walk that talk!

Take Self-Care Seriously

A confident demeanor is fuelled by a clear, balanced and inspired mind. Carve time to nurture yourself outside of your business, and make it a non-negotiable. P.S. If you have a crummy sleep, reschedule your client appointment! You’d be surprised how understanding folks are when you lead with total honesty and professionalism. It takes confidence and demonstrates a commitment to your A-Game.

Prepare to Finish Strong 

Wrapping your conversation with an impactful, one-line question is a practice you can put into play immediately. Asking is confident in itself—it shows you’re willing to go there! It also assures a potential client that you consider their business  something to be earned. Here are a few of my faves:

“How can we make this happen for you?”

“What’s stopping us from moving forward today?”

Your turn!

Be Authentically You 

Striving to be someone else and showing up with your A-Game are not one in the same. I train my interior design mentees and consultants on the importance of being themselves, through and through. Show up as your highest self, but make darn sure it’s YOU! Honour your personality, quirks included—it attracts and endears the clients you’re best suited to, and vice versa. In fact, I’ve got a free quiz to help confirm you’ve got the 5 must-have qualities for a career in interior design.

But Also…Be It Until You Are It 

In the spirit of authenticity, I’m not a big fan of “fake it til you make it”—but BEING it til you ARE it totally rings true. In my early days, I definitely leaned into this! When you walk into a room (or enter a Zoom call), make sure you look the polished part. Set the tone with a killer outfit and a genuine smile—even if you borrowed the blazer. When you exude confidence over nerves, it’s felt.

Be Decisive 

You know more than you think you do—that I promise you. If asked a question, trust your gut, give that recommendation, make that decision, and don’t waver. Just go for it! It requires and demonstrates your confidence as an expert. Of course, some questions warrant a takeaway; name it with short and sweet rationale, and follow up promptly.

Ask For Feedback 

If the stars don’t align, ask what made the client go a different route. It’s nerve-wracking, but you’ll get exactly what you give. If it’s a match made in heaven, ask why they chose you! Did you stand out for the same reasons you intended to? Asking the tough questions takes confidence and empowers you to cultivate more.

Consider 1:1 Mentorship 

When you get an Interior Design Mentor in your corner, you gain a consistent confidence-builder who understands the industry firsthand. I was lucky enough that my mentor was also my mom! I’m always happy to connect about 1:1 Interior Design Mentorship, with a focus on the business and sales acumen you simply need. Limited spots are up for grabs, so jump on it!

Pitch Your Services Often 

Practice makes perfect—it’s cheesy but true. Honing in on your unique confidence is muscle memory. To grow it, you have to flex it often and consistently. As long as it passes your gut check (nerves excluded), say YES to the opportunity.

The ability to sell what you bring to the table is key for a rewarding interior design business—and you can do it! 

As for confidence? It’s a tricky little thing; it goes unspoken but commands the room. Building it will force you to confront your gaps, acknowledge your strengths, believe your potential and find your footing. You’ll often find it brings personal transformation to boot. A true win-win.

Have a question about selling with confidence? I’m all ears, truly! Let’s connect. 

Curious about how we can work together? Check out the options. 

Until next time,


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