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It’s Never Too Late to Pivot: Why I Did And You Can Too

The reveal of my course for building a successful, profitable and fulfilling interior design business is inching closer—something I’ve dreamt of sharing with you for years. Seriously, pinch me! 

I could let this version debut like it’s always been the plan. As creative, ambitious dreamers—heck, as human beings—changing course can feel like admitting failure. In hopes of reminding you it’s courageous to go after what you really want, I’m pullin’ back the curtains.

So here’s the scoop: The course you’ll have the chance to enrol in (soon) isn’t the course it once was. And guess what? It’s OK. In fact, it’s more than OK! I can say wholeheartedly, you’ll be getting the very best of what I bring to the table. And the chance to share what lights me up? Not just a spark, but full inferno? Well, that’s the ultimate win.

Now let’s back up for a hot minute. How did I get here?

The wheels were in motion and timelines were on lock (shoutout to the talented ladies I’ve had behind-the-scenes with me from day one!). But when it came time to hunker down and tackle the bulk of the course content, I found I just…couldn’t!

I recalled a nugget of advice from my dear friend, Jenna Kutcher: “Whatever you’re going to teach, make sure it fires you up. You’ll be talking about it a lot.” So why wasn’t I itching to craft every darn sentence of this thing? Truth be told, the original plan wasn’t firing me up in full. And how could I inspire others to chase their dreams if I wasn’t 100000% jazzed about mine?

I am an onwards and upwards kind of gal, but when I listened in and got honest with myself, I sensed a few culprits. Yep, social media was definitely one. I generally take weekends off the ‘gram, but it creeps in! I felt the pressure to offer what “everyone else” does. Combine that with comparison, and I was convinced I had to wrap in all that I COULD and SHOULD. 

I’m a dreamer and an achiever—this I knew. But what was really driving my dreams? And what did achievement look like, my way? How did I want it to feel?

I decided to forget the timelines and ditch the shoulds—time for my gut to take the driver’s seat, and stay there! The beautiful thing about pivots is they offer us time and space if we’ll just take it. So I did—I took time and space. Picking back up, I stripped my course back to the real goods. Now, it’s chock-full of only my greatest strengths and what I LOVE. 

I hear from many people in the trenches of an education, career or life path paved on shoulds. Maybe that’s you! I’ll never forget my first interactions with Katrina, an incredible go-getter who eventually joined my team at DWK Interiors. She approached me after one of my workshops, explaining she had gone to school for engineering but craved a career in interior design. She knew the change would be a BIG one. Having once been a corporate gal, I recall sharing “well…all I can say is I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life.” Katrina took that leap, and boy-oh-boy does she shine. 

When you acknowledge and voice that you want something else, even if it deviates from the plan, it’s courageous. So, if you feel stuck and guided by the shoulds—whether it’s the pressure of a degree, family, or simply feeling it’s too late—let this be your sign. It’s never too late to pivot. When you afford yourself compassion and permission, you might even feel the external pressures fade away. That’s the moment you discover you’ve been standing in your own way while shoulds run the show. 

I’ll wrap this with an invitation to all the dreamers and achievers out there. Maybe you daydream of a career in interior design while you’re at your current 9-5, or maybe you’re ready to take your interior design startup to the next level. My course to help you make it happen meaningfully is almost here, and I hope you’ll follow that nudge. I’m so glad I followed mine. Be sure to join my newsletter and IG community to be the first to know when it officially arrives. I can’t WAIT to see you there!

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