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Tips to Best Prepare for & Make the Most of Your Project Photoshoots

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Your project photos are GOLD to you and your business. You will use them in so many applications; portfolio, social media, press, and marketing materials. It’s crucial for your business that you get great quality photos of your projects once they have all wrapped up (and even better to have a similar angle of the project before work begins to get those scroll-stopping before and after comparisons).

Here are my tips to best prepare and get the most value out of your project photoshoots.

Hire a Professional Photographer

  • This is a no-brainer. You’ve worked so hard on your project, and now you need amazing quality photos to show it off to future clients, press, social media, not to mention yourself! You deserve to see the product of all your hard work!
  • Having professional photographs will boost your confidence in your work and even in your client presentations! Promise!

Be Photoshoot Ready Before The Photographer Arrives

  • Make sure the space is clean, and every nook is styled and ready to go. The last thing you want is to book your photographer for a certain amount of hours and have them show up only to sit/wait while you finish cleaning/styling.

Plan The Best Angles & Get a Variety of Shots

  • Before the photo shoot make a list of the show-stopping features/details/products/sightlines of your project and review them with your photographer. It’s a terrible feeling to wrap up a photoshoot and realize you forgot to capture a crucial element of your project.
  • Chat with your photographer beforehand to ensure you capture a variety of angles/proximity of shots. Get full room shots and close-up angles. This variety translates to a beautiful portfolio and a great Instagram profile!
  • Walk through the project with your photographer to make note of what is crucial to capture, what angles you’d like to get, and what elements you hope to hide or be out of focus.
  • Think of how you’re going to use the photos and discuss this with your photographer. Is it for your blog, print, or your website? Knowing where your photos are going to live will help your photographer shoot the project accordingly!

Communicate Openly With Your Photographer

  • Be clear with your photographer during the shoot/before the shoot regarding any issues of the project that you hope to mask in photoshop (i.e. how can we hide this big screen tv? There is a missing cabinet in the kitchen due to damage in delivery, are we able to fix this in post-processing?) Don’t blindside your photographer after the shoot with a long list of ‘photoshop this please’ items.

Have an Extra Set of Hands On the Day of

  • It’s helpful to have an assistant or an extra set of hands available on the day of a photoshoot. This person can help style/move furniture around while you and the photographer craft the perfect shot.

The More Decor The Better

  • Having a surplus of decor to make sure every nook is styled perfectly is truly key to ensuring each shot is a show stopper. It’s always better to have too much decor than too little. This takes a bit more planning and preparation but I promise you, your photos will thank you! Think of it this way, you’ve already done so much work to get to the project photoshoot this last effort is the final stretch, don’t throw in the towel right before you cross the finish line.
  • Items that you often need more of: books, plants, greenery, crisp white towels, and everyday trinkets to give the space a lived-in feel and bring it to life.

Get Behind The Scenes Social Media Content

  • It’s often hard to remember on the day of a photoshoot to get content for social media, but it’s exciting for your audience to see this side of the reveal. This content creates hype for your project reveal and engages your audience further!
  • Try to get a few videos, boomerangs, photos, or better yet, talk to your audience (face to camera) on the day-of and walk them through some of the excitement.

Prepare a Photoshoot Kit

  • Pack a kit for your photoshoots for any last-minute fixes/cleaning, this should include a steamer, glass cleaner, and magic eraser. My go-to photographer, Lindsay Nichols, says the hardest thing to fix in post-processing is dusty glass details/dirty coffee tables.

I wish I had known at least half of these tips at the beginning of my career. Photoshoots should be fun, and they can be once you’ve made sure you’ve covered all your bases! I hope you found this blog helpful! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out if ever you have a question.

Are you looking for more tips? I hosted an IG LIVE with my long-time friend and go-to photographer Lindsay Nichols, where we chatted everything listed above and more!

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