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The 3 Secrets to Happy Clients in Your Interior Design Business

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Let me break it down nice and simple for you because it is just that… simple. You’ll see!

Secret #1

Trust & Build Your Relationship

Establish trust with your client right from the beginning. Start with a thorough discussion of their goals, budget, and how you can help them through the services you provide. Do not stretch your services. Stick to what works best for your business because this will ultimately serve your clients best! If you trust in your business services and processes, this will translate to trust with your clients.

Build a relationship with your clients that goes beyond just business. You will be working together for several months so make the most of it and have some fun!

Secret #2

Listen Carefully

Do not go into a client meeting thinking: 1. you know what they will be requesting or 2. what their design qualms are. Hear them out and listen carefully. People want to be heard! Listening, of course, helps to establish trust and relationship building. Your clients will tell you what they need, but if you aren’t listening you’re missing out on KEY information. If you are listening carefully you’ll be able to identify their pain points and because you’re a PRO you will create solutions they will LOVE.

Secret #3

Your Process & Clear Communication

Know your process like the back of your hand and be able to explain it in simple terms to your clients. They need to understand how you work and WHY.

Your clients want to feel comfortable throughout the process. So, make sure they are comfortable through reassurance, constant contact, and clear communication. Let them know when you will be reaching out with updates and then make sure you’re 100% meeting these timelines.

PRO TIP: They will be WOW-ed if you are ahead of schedule. The golden ticket = answer their questions before they even ask them. Everything comes back to the trust element. They will learn to trust you if you are giving them endless reasons to do so!

In Summary

Trust, listening, and communication (I told you it was simple) are the elements that have continually impressed my clients over the years. Remember, your clients are paying you good money and if you put yourself in their shoes… wouldn’t you want to be heard? Wouldn’t you want nothing more than to trust your designer and be kept up to date? It’s straightforward BUT this is how you will stand out above the rest! I promise you that.

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