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5 Issues My Design-Business-Students Commonly Face & Tips to Help

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Q. How do I get clients?

A. Point Blank: You have to put yourself out there. Get talking! Pick a platform to showcase your services and your work (Instagram, LinkedIn…). In the beginning you might have to take on smaller projects in order to build your portfolio or bug your friends and family to do one of their spaces for free and photograph it!

Q. What do I charge?

A. I prefer to back-calculate from the number I want to make and my time commitment/estimate for the project scale. This gets a lot easier with experience. Being able to analyze the scope of the project becomes second nature after a while. This also depends on the structure of your business. Are you charging an hourly rate? Do you charge a flat rate based on number of rooms? That’s the thing with a Design Business – there are so many business models. Read up on them and determine which one is best for your skillset. You can check out my Fee Structure Guide where I breakdown the many business models and the Pros / Cons of each one.

Q. How do I determine my services?

A. When I first started out I wanted to do EVERYTHING for everyone and that was simply exhausting. You can’t do everything. Period. Think about when you feel in your flow, i.e. when your work makes you feel alive! How can you do more of this? And how can you apply this to your business? Touching on point #2 – there are so many ways to build your design business but thinking about your skillset and what you do best will save you time and headaches (remember: time is money and headaches suck). Do yourself a favour and clearly define your services, this will streamline your business and have you working SMARTER not harder. Here are some suggested services:

  • Full- Room Designs (Including: Floorplan & 3 Designs, Moodboards, product sourcing)
  • Paint & Selection Consultations
  • Interior Styling & Accessorizing + Staging
  • E-Design by Room (Floorplan & Designs with product sourcing)

Q. How do I establish trust with my clients?

A. Position yourself as an expert. How? Testimonials, portfolio of past projects, be open and honest regarding your services and timelines, keep them in the loop every step of the way by over-communicating always. BE CONFIDENT and enthusiastic throughout the project to create an epic experience for your clients.

Q. How to ensure I keep my clients for life?

A. Provide a service they will never forget, it’s as EASY as that. How? See point #4 😉

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