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Real Deal Spotlight: An Honest & Vulnerable Work/Friendship with Tanya Puka

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – and again and again. Tanya Puka is literal magic. This insanely talented and stylish woman has helped me and my business mature and GROW!

We’ve been working together for over 5 years, but even more closely (figuratively, not actually – thanks Covid) recently on my Interiors Business Crash Course, this NEW website, my rebrand… everything!

Tanya inspires me to go after my BOLD business dreams because she sees the path toward achieving them AND she helps me each step of the way. She applies her insane style to everything she does from her fashion sense to her branding and strategic marketing genius. I’m so lucky to work with you T, thank you for all that you do to fuel my dreams and bring them to life. You truly have been a catalyst in my life.

Tanya has most recently launched her Brand Strategy, Communications and Human Insights company, Marrow Studio. Where she empowers evolving brands to carve and claim their space with clarity.

Here’s a list of the projects I’ve hired Tanya to help me with in the past:

  • Brand Development: When I was breaking off from the franchise I previously worked under I hired Tanya to help develop who DWK Interiors is and what we stand for. Getting real clear on my messaging and brand bones allowed me to speak directly to my ideal clients.
  • Mentorship Program & Business Development: Again, when I decided to start a mentorship business for Interior Designers, I recruited Tanya again to help me get laser focused and develop a path forward.
  • General Business Development: Tanya has become my business mentor confidant – I trust her with so much and I always lean on her for support with all aspects of my two businesses. Since I am a sole owner, I think it’s important to have a team of experts on the outside looking in and Tanya certainly is one of them.

Interested to learn more about Tanya and how we’ve worked together? We filmed an IGTV episode and it lives on my profile! Go check it out! We chat about stepping into authenticity through vulnerability and sharing your zone of genius with the world.

IGTV: A live Q&A with Katie Rioux, Designer turned Mentor and Tanya Puka, Brand Strategist and Communicator.

We start the discussion by chatting about my career path and the decision to go out on my own, we both provide tips to working SMARTER, not harder and we discuss my Interiors Business Crash Course!

Working with a Brand Strategist to bring my interior design business dreams to life.
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