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The 3 Mistakes I Made Early in My Business & What I learned From Them.

Here are the missteps I made early on and the key takeaways. Trust me! I wish someone would have had told me these things sooner than later.

1. I Took It Personally

If a client doesn’t move forward with your company, view it as a blessing in disguise! More often than not, their decision has nothing to do with you and if it does, be thankful they rejected you. There is always more to come, right around the corner.

2. I Had A Scarcity Mentality

The mentality that there isn’t enough (time, money, clients) will not get you anywhere! Trust there is more than enough to go around and that you and your business will be supported. Especially if you know you are putting in the work and your vision and passion is aligned.

3. I Didn’t Take Accountability

Ownership is freeing! Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to being honest with your clients regarding a hiccup or a total FLOP! Give it to them straight. If you slipped up, then you have to apologize. I learned quickly that it always feels great to tell the truth. Don’t dwell on it and move forward with an apology and most importantly a plan. You will make mistakes in your business. There is no way around it, so use these as an opportunity to learn and GROW. Your clients will always be thankful for it.

By sharing these lessons with you, I hope you can avoid making them in your business or at least catch on a little quicker than I did!

Keep your head up, friend. You’ve still got amazing work to share!

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