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interior designer turned educator

designer turned educator

I’m here to help you level up your interior design business!

I’m a small-town Canadian girl with insatiable goals. That fisher-price cash register I asked for at eight years-young planted a seed in a big way, setting me up for a wild and rewarding ride as an entrepreneur. Since launching DWK Interiors in 2010, I’ve grown my business to 7 figures and I’m here to share how you can too.


following passion while finding balance for all that other glorious living along the way. By aligning priorities and stepping into the trenches you’ll gain a new perspective and a true sense of freedom. The best part? This is where your undeniable potential lives!

With it, a process and philosophy that helps you reprioritize life and work to become more of what you’re made of. I’m known for an invested approach to help light a fire, inspiring you to take that chance and bet on possibility. To me the secret to an honest life is

Mentorship Program for Interiors Designers

I've since launched my

Take your Interior Design business to the next level.




Inspiring clients to take hold of more. I’m all about sharing knowledge and experience (those tough lessons too) that speak to your specific challenges to encourage mutual accountability. This vulnerable exchange has the power to instill a steady confidence and a drive to reach for bigger, bolder heights. 


Purposeful, empowering process

That clients can count on. I stand behind the notion that ‘what you see is what you get’ with recommendations that are trusted, honest and straightforward. No sugar coating here—working together means follow through with clear and actionable next steps, leaving you feeling focused, capable and determined to charge ahead. 


Genuine, decisive direction

So clients can air their real hopes and fears. I’m known for my BFF energy, preferring to start by listening with openness and compassion to get to what's clicking (or not) for you. I make no attempts at representing ‘the standard’ but rather, I’m a sideline realist and an enthusiastic one at that. I disarm the need to perform which allows you to feel at ease and ready to hone your true potential. 


Encouraging, relatable content

Curious what working with me looks like?

Ann M.

Her coaching services gave me exactly what I needed. I’ve invested in a few other coaching packages and memberships, and Katie’s invaluable tips and resources were by far the most helpful! I love that the coaching is completely customized. You won’t find a generic coaching booklet or pre-recorded videos. Her coaching style is tailored to YOU and your specific business needs. I can’t say enough about the value you’ll get with Katie. I felt I got more value out of the 4 sessions I had with her than any other coaching out there. Wish I found her sooner!"

"One of the best investments I've ever made for my business!

Kevyn Z

My meetings with Katie were very informative. Getting started in a new business is intimidating and it can be hard to know where to start. She broke things down to make everything easier to navigate through. Katie was always willing to answer my questions no matter what and shared with me many great tips. I am so glad I invested the time and money into a business coach. It was definitely worth it!

"New business is intimidating… [katie] broke things down for easy navigation.

Corine W.

Katie is a wealth of information and knowledge. She was very open and honest with any questions I had. It was very easy to implement most of the items we discussed. I highly recommend Katie to anyone requiring Interior Design coaching.

"A wealth of knowledge; open and honest.

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The 5 must-have qualities that’ll confirm if an interior design career is right for you.

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Here’s how I made my first 100K with steps you can easily replicate.


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